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What Is the Best Way to Clean Carpets and Rugs?

Carpets and rugs are a common feature in almost every home. Whether people rent or own their homes, one of the main questions regarding carpets and rugs is the best way to care for them. There are various methods used for cleaning a carpet, depending on how big they are and how soiled they are. Because of these variables, there are numerous choices available to people looking for carpet cleaners.


One of the most common is a steam cleaner. These machines use a mixture of hot water and some form of cleaning solution that will spray minute steam particles onto a carpet or rug. Brushes and hose attachments are used to loosen dirt and to remove any soiled particles from the carpet or rug. Often referred to as a steam vac, there are several relatively cheap models for sale, however, most prefer to rent one as and when needed.


Carpet shampooing is another option. With this type of carpet, shampoo will be applied to the carpet or rug and, either manually or by a machine, this is then scrubbed to remove dirt from the carpet fibers. There are several different varieties of carpet shampoo available today, ranging from ecological one to standard rug cleaners, in addition to special formulas that specifically target the likes of pet odors, mold, mildew, to name but a few. Normally carpet shampoo does not have to be vacuumed up or removed, however, each brand will differ.


Another choice is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. They can use any of the aforementioned methods, or they could use technologies which are only available to them. Some companies use special techniques created by professionals, which will have the advantage of a quicker drying time, fewer chemicals or a cleaner carpet. Despite the extra cost, most prefer this option due to time or physical constraints. To book an appointment with one of our representatives, please call TCM Carpet Cleaning & Floors in Greenville, SC now on (864) 947-6576.