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Looking for the Best Way to Clean Your Carpets?

Carpets do add beauty to a home, especially when they are kept clean and plush. Making sure that your carpet is clean has never been easier. There are various models available today, such as an extraction carpet cleaner, steam and dry cleaner, and carpet sprayer. The kind of cleaner an individual chooses greatly depends on the size of their job, and how deeply the dirt seeped into the carpet fibers.

An extraction cleaner involves soaking a carpet with water and the cleaning product. Once this solution has penetrated deep into the fibers, it is sucked back into the machine using a strong vacuum system. This technique is effective; however, it does use a lot of water and leaves the carpet soaking wet for at least a day. Due to the work involved and size of the appliance, this is recommended for deep cleaning heavily soiled places.

A carpet sprayer somewhat resembles a chemical sprayer which is used by pest control services. It has a small tank that would be filled using a chemical agent and a hose that has a sprayer attached. The solution is left to sit on a soiled area for a certain amount of time, after which it is rinsed. This style is used mainly for heavy stain removal or cleaning high traffic areas.

Steam cleaners are becoming a common household appliance. Some are around the same size of an average vacuum, and just as simple to use, making it ideal for shampooing carpets in the whole house. A carpet cleaner solution is added into the tank along with hot water. Steam cleaners are excellent for removing surface dirt; however, they are somewhat inadequate for removing dirt which is deeply embedded.

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