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Not Enough Time to Call in a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Clean up stains and spills immediately. When it comes to on the spot carpet cleaning, you should never allow stains to sit on your carpet for a long time. Clean up stains the moment they occur, so it does not sink deep into the carpet’s fibers. Stains which are let can result in mildew and bad odors. So if you know family and friends will be eating or drinking around your carpets, make sure you have cleaning materials to hand.

Applying water on the stains. When something like blood gets on to your carpet, use water to get it out. Dampen a clean cloth and blot the stain gently, never rub or scrub using undue pressure, as this will just make the stain worse. Once you have done this, use clean paper towels to dry it. Place a heavy object on the paper towels to soak up any excess water.

Blotting stains using club soda. This is an excellent spot cleaner, should there be any juice or wine stains, pour a small amount on it and using a dry cloth blot the area until the stain has gone. Again, never scrub the stain, as this will just spread it. Only use a small amount of club soda each time.

Using a milk and cornstarch mixture. When the likes of ink get on your carpet, try using a mixture of milk and cornstarch on it. Mix milk and cornstarch in a bowl to create a paste. Then, use this on the stain, with the aid of a clean toothbrush to gently brush the paste on the stain. The paste, in theory, should pick up the ink and remove it. Once done, vacuum up the remaining paste, you should be able to see a stain-free carpet beneath.


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