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Expert Carpet Cleaning Solutions

If you are looking for reliable and expert carpet cleaners in Greenville, SC, then you have come to the right place! TCM Carpet Cleaning & Floors is the professional carpet cleaning company that will make sure that all your carpets are clean and free of any dirt and debris build-up.

How Carpets Get Dirty

Since your carpets are situated on the floor, they are prone to the effects that harmful contaminants like dirt bring. Every day, thousands to millions of dust particles come to your home or office and around 80% of them go to your carpets and upholstered furniture. If your carpet is not cleaned regularly, you will notice that over time, it will look dull and will also smell nasty. This is why it is important that you hire expert carpet cleaners to clean your carpet regularly so that the build-up of dust and dirt can be contained and you can prevent further damage to your carpet that might lead you to buy a new one.

What We Can Do

We are the carpet cleaning company that will make sure that your carpet is clean and free of any dirt and dust build-up. We will clean all layers of your carpet and remove all harmful contaminants before they cause significant damage to your carpet. We use high-quality and industry grade cleaning products to get the job done. After we have cleaned everything, we will sanitize your carpets so that all the bacteria are removed. After, we will give your carpet that fresh and “brand new” smell by using quality deodorizers.

TCM Carpet Cleaning & Floors is the expert carpet cleaning company that you can rely on for cleaning services in Greenville, SC. We have been in the carpet and floor cleaning industry since 1984, and if homeowners in the area are having a hard time cleaning their floors and carpets, we are the first ones that they call. Call us now at (864) 947-6576.