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TCM Carpet Cleaning & Floors Upholstery Cleaning Services

Whether you have sofas, armchairs, or any other upholstered type of furniture that needs to be cleaned, then our cleaning professionals are here to help. If you have children or pets, there is no doubt that your furniture gets a lot of attention. It’s expected that dirt easily builds up, and stains occur when furniture is used frequently. Inevitably, your furniture will get dirty and start to have that tired look over time, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. If you choose TCM Carpet Cleaning & Floors and call us today you will have brand new furniture again in less than 24 hours.

TCM Carpet Cleaning & Floors‘s cleaners can clean your upholstery in a way to make it feel and look like new again. We use a chem-dry method that utilizes carbonation to actually lift soil and dirt from the depths of your furniture’s fabric, bringing it to the surface where it can be removed without any damage to your upholstery. The amazing aspect and benefits of using a chem-dry system to clean your upholstered furniture, or even carpet, is that the carbonation does most of the work.

Our expert upholstery cleaners work with specially designed cleaning soaps that, when used along with carbonation, literally explode any grime or dirt from off the surface of your upholstery’s fibers. Once the dirt and grime are loosened and brought to the surface, we then use a hot water extraction technique to remove all the dirt particles. The chem-dry cleaning method is safe, and we use only non-toxic cleaning solutions that will not only clean your upholstery’s surface but also clean deep down into the fibers. This leaves your upholstered furniture looking clean and new again.

TCM Carpet Cleaning & Floors has been providing the best floor cleaning and upholstery services for the residents of Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas for many years. Many of our customers are simply amazed by the results they see from our chem-dry cleaning method. You may actually refrain from purchasing new furniture once you witness how clean and new-looking we can make your furniture. Our upholstery and carpet cleaning services can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Why buy new furniture or carpet when we can make yours look like new again, for just a fraction of the cost?

Our professional upholstery cleaners are well-trained and friendly, and our services are affordable. There is nothing more to look for in a professional upholstery cleaning company. At TCM Carpet Cleaning & Floors, we appreciate our customers and treat their furniture as if it were our own. These are the reasons for our continued success, and we understand and value our winning formula. Allow us to serve your upholstery cleaning needs, let us make your furniture look new again.

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